And we're back!

Show's back!! Yay!!

First, a little housekeeping: Ocean's Jensen Appreciation blog" and Gab's Jared Appreciation blog. Go and show some love to our boys.

I'm opening up the comments in case anyone wants to discuss last night's episode. There was a lot in there to be talking about.

(Please limit comments to speculation about future episodes - NO SPOILERS, please!)
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Time to toast the Keeper

Happy birthday, Cindy!!

(HA! You thought you could hide the fact, didn't you.)

I feel so happy to have found your little Sanitarium and so grateful to have been welcomed as one of its inmates. You inspire us with your rambles and terrify us with your tapping toes.

Best wishes for another great year!

*clinks teacups*

Honoring the Memory of a Great Man

As I'm sure many of you have heard, we lost a truly incredible man last night. I thought I would create a space where people can share their favorite moment from a Kim Manners episode, or anything else they may want to say in his memory.

Here, we can all grieve together.

Rest in Peace Kim. You may be gone, but you will never, ever be forgotten.

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Sanitarium Keys

There's a Party in the Party Room

Dear Sanitarium Members ... and anyone else who reads this,

Um ... for those of you who remember from TVGuide ... I annually throw a little bash for the boys on their birthday.  Today is Dean's. 

It has taken me a bit to post ... LJ was being difficult this morning ... so I'm not even going to try to attempt to repost it here.  Just figured I would let you know that if you'd like to read what I came up with ... you can find it here:

Hope to see you there!


CindyRose (aka. The Keeper)

H50 - Alex on phone


This is just a reminder that we will be squeeing HERE on plurk tonight during the episode.  I hope everyone can join us!!!!

If there is anyone that is new to plurk, let me know and I'll be happy to assist with getting you up and running...

LJ tutorial

Here's a quick guide to some of the more common questions new users have.  Whimsy has looked it over and added useful comments.  I am by no means an expert so if anyone knows of a better way to do something, please pipe up in the comments.

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Silly me!

Well, it looks like I'm having a little trouble adjusting to posting in comms. I meant to post the blog for last night's Supernatural here, but instead, it's at my journal, so that's where the links for appreciation blogs will be. Sorry about that!